Staffing & Recruiting

Discover how to optimize end-to-end talent recruitment and client engagement. Our team has more than two decades of experience helping staffing and recruiting firms transform their operations in Salesforce.

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Benefits & Outcomes

Acquire and retain your team's top talent.

Outdated applicant tracking systems (ATS) and a disjointed tech stack slow the recruitment process and stall internal workflows. At Blueprint Advisory, we understand firsthand the challenges that staffing and recruiting firms face. We've been working with Salesforce in the staffing industry since 2004 and know what it's like to be in your shoes. Now, we're ready to help you leverage the power of Salesforce to unite your systems and accelerate your time-to-hire.

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Simplify your tech stack and connect your systems.

When you grow your business in Salesforce, you tap into the full power of Salesforce's Customer 360 portfolio. With more than two decades of experience, our experts are ready to share their knowledge of the ecosystem and guide you through dynamic capabilities for comprehensive business optimization in Salesforce.

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Benefits & Outcomes

Own the entire client and talent experience.

Every staffing agency's internal recruitment processes are unique. That's why our team is prepared to deliver a configured approach that scales with you as your needs evolve. We'll leverage years of professional experience in the staffing and recruiting industry to support your internal efforts and help you deliver end-to-end client and candidate engagement. Thanks to our deep expertise in Salesforce, we know exactly how to guide you throughout the ecosystem as your staffing and recruiting operations mature.

Rethink End-to-End Talent Engagement

Our clients get the very best of Salesforce from professional experts with decades of experience in staffing and recruiting.