Salesforce Staffing & Recruiting Lunch and Learn


Our president and founder, Greg Symons, had the honor of joining the Salesforce Staffing and Recruiting Lunch and Learn as a guest speaker. The lunch and learn covered the following topics: looking into the history of staffing technology, creating a compelling candidate experience in this labor market, what the future of staffing looks like, and much more. 

Landon Ziemke, the founder of Helpstone, moderated the Salesforce Staffing and Recruiting Lunch and Learn, the guest speakers included our own Greg Symons and Katie Sung, Salesforce Program Manager at The Bowdin Group.

Minutes 4:15 – 18:00 

Interview with Greg Symons. Greg talked about his background in the staffing industry, how his perspective on Salesforce and technology has evolved over the years and the latest trends in the industry.

Minutes 18:00 – 36:30 

Interview with Katie Sung. Katie talks about why her team decided to switch to using Salesforce, the implementation process, and the success of setting up a client portal using the Salesforce Experience site

Minutes 36:30 – 58:00 

Landon Ziemke conducted a demo on Salesforce as an ATS (including using parsli.io).