Embedded Program Delivery

Achieve your business goals with a dedicated team of Blueprint Advisory specialists who operate as an extension of your team.

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Your personalized Salesforce expertise starts here.

Whether you're well-versed in the Salesforce ecosystem or brand new, we serve clients at every level of expertise. We're passionate about delivering solutions that serve you throughout the entire ecosystem as your business continues to scale. Our embedded program delivery comes with a dedicated team of specialists to ensure consistency and quality of work to help maximize your business outcomes.

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Benefits & Outcomes

We're proud to be an extension of your team.

We're in it for the long haul. Our team meets clients where they are today and provides the ultimate flexibility for long-term engagement and measurable results in Salesforce.

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Flexible Scope & Scale

As your business goals evolve, so does your strategy. Our embedded program delivery offers a flexible scope and scale of work, based on your needs.

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Dedicated Team

Find all of the expertise you need in one place. Advisory teams include developers, functional consultants, data engineers, project managers, and architects.

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Billed at a Fixed Rate

The best surprise is no surprise. We provide billing at a fixed rate so you can make informed decisions based on the ROI of these services. 

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Our Approach

Together, we're igniting your success.

At Blueprint Advisory, we're cultivating a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning as we guide our clients to success throughout the Salesforce ecosystem. Because of our decades of experience in leveraging the same software, we demonstrate capabilities, explore use cases and bolt-ons, and optimize Salesforce functionality as our clients grow their businesses.

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With Salesforce, you can work smarter and grow faster.

Ready to launch your next product in the Salesforce ecosystem? We can do that, too. Explore our Salesforce expertise to learn more about the services we provide in launching and optimizing your product per Salesforce compliance standards.

From Idea to Execution

Need help making strategic decisions for your business in the Salesforce ecosystem? Your dedicated team of experts is here to help.