Product Expertise

Maximize the value of your Salesforce products from a team of experts with more than two decades of experience in product implementation throughout the ecosystem.

Asymbl ATS

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Designed to adapt seamlessly across various job roles, types, volumes, and industries, Asymbl ATS streamlines the recruitment workflow and allows your team to effortlessly define stages, sequences, and actions.

Fill roles quickly and accelerate talent-hiring velocity.

Don't let critical roles sit vacant. With Asymbl ATS, built natively in Salesforce's Customer 360, your hiring teams can leverage industry-leading automation to advertise new roles and reach quality candidates faster. 

Every hiring process is unique. That's why Asymbl's templates have been built with maximum flexibility so you can configure your workflows, your way, for any industry, role, or client—no matter the complexity. Learn more about Asymbl ATS.

Drive down time-to-hire and decrease licensing costs.

Legacy ATS products create redundancies and cause friction. Transform the way you define workflows internally with Asymbl's staffing and recruiting products. Asymbl ATS offers an end-to-end view of the complete hiring process and prioritizes customer success. 

With Asymbl ATS, you only pay for the features—and user access—your team requires to access the hiring process. Not sure how to leverage this bolt-on approach? We're here to help. Learn more about our solutions for staffing and recruiting firms.

Asymbl Time

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Take control of your time management, without the added stress. Asymbl Time streamlines and automates time capture for simple, accurate, and time-saving results.

Ease collaboration and increase your team's efficiency.

Staffing firms are often juggling thousands of timesheets every week. Cut out the time-consuming task of manual data entry with a centralized time management system. Asymbl Time allows staffing firms and corporate recruiters to manage time tracking efficiently and plug into the entire Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem.

With all of your data and systems under one roof, hiring teams and staffing firms can manage employee timesheets, communicate clearly, and collaborate more efficiently. At Blueprint Advisory, we assist you with the implementation and optimization of these products to ensure you're getting the most functionality out of the Salesforce ecosystem. Learn more about Asymbl Time.

Maintain compliance and gain deep insights.

Ensure time tracking is accurate and employees are compensated accordingly. Asymbl Time provides an audit trail of information, so you can keep your organization or staffing firm in compliance with the latest workforce regulations, labor laws, overtime, holiday pay, and so on.

Thanks to Asymbl Time's seamless connectivity with Salesforce's Customer 360, users can leverage a full suite of functionality, including visibility into workforce capacity, workloads, and forecast hiring. Learn more about our solutions for staffing and recruiting firms.

Einstein AI & Data Cloud

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Future-proof your enterprise with AI capabilities. Salesforce's Einstein 1 Platform unifies your data securely in a single CRM. Einstein AI supports IT, admins, and developers with bolt-on, automated, and low-/no-code configurations.

Increase productivity with purpose-built tools.

Connect your data, systems, and AI models securely, and automate your business processes across teams to drive internal efficiency. We'll show you how to leverage purpose-built tools to accelerate custom development in Salesforce and expedite your team's product development.

Harmonize your data and generate actionable insights.

Synchronize your customer data across platforms and gain deeper, more actionable insights about customer behavior. We'll demonstrate how you can use these insights to drive intelligent predictions for your business growth using Tableau, the world’s leading AI-powered analytics platform from Salesforce.

Take your success one step further with Data Cloud, which operates natively in Salesforce to centralize your data across all applicationsincluding Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Tableau, and MuleSoftfor maximum organizational efficiency.

Experience Cloud

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Create and manage digital experiences for your employees, customers, and partners. We'll help you deploy and optimize Experience Cloud for your needs, across departments and individual stakeholders.

Keep existing customers engaged and expand your customer base. 

When customers first interact with your business, they expect to find a strong online presence to establish trust and credibility. Experience Cloud is a powerful tool that helps brands more effectively connect with their customer base. No coding experience? Don't stress. Salesforce's Experience Cloud provides users with the building blocks to develop custom apps and websites to reach and engage with their target audience.

Configure the cloud for your organization's unique needs.

Build corporate sites, create partner portals, and develop customer account portals to configure the customer experience online. Manage customer success by building help centers and self-service communities. Take Experience Cloud on the go with Salesforce's mobile application and functionality. We'll walk you through Experience Cloud's low-code, no-code, and pro-code options, which make this cloud the perfect fit for administrators and developers alike. Use pre-built templates and apps with a custom look and feel to get started. 

Manufacturing Cloud

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Connect your teams, tools, and systems in the office and on the field with Salesforce's Manufacturing Cloud. We'll direct you to the features and functionality you can leverage today to streamline your commercial operations and revolutionize customer success.

Ease collaboration and elevate your team's performance.

Get your sales and distribution teams on the same page with Manufacturing Cloud's highly configurable workflows, designed for your team's collective success. At Blueprint Advisory, we'll walk you through specialty cloud features, including personalized quoting, consistent pricing, and actionable AI insights to aid and accelerate your team's productivity. Learn more about our solutions for manufacturers.

Increase productivity in the office and on the field.

Improve efficiency and lower overhead labor costs with intelligent field service. Manufacturing Cloud ensures flexible scheduling and dispatch. The cloud also delivers workflow automation, mobility, AI capabilities, and remote support to assist your technicians wherever they are, in the office or in the field.

At Blueprint Advisory, our technical experts understand the nitty-gritty of Salesforce's cloud solutions but also know how to keep your teams focused on the bigger picture with end-to-end solutions that empower customers throughout the entire lifecycle.


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Break down silos. Eliminate friction. Keep your teams and tech in sync with seamless connection and lightning-fast automation. We'll get you started with MuleSoft’s centralized platform, powered by Einstein 1.

Power your CRM with cutting-edge AI technology.

Make meaningful, data-driven decisions for your business with an AI-powered CRM that aggregates, synthesizes, and generates insights based on the data you collect. MuleSoft joins disparate data across your CRM, ERP, Inventory, Payments, and Underwriting, and it assembles these systems of record using progressive AI models and LLMs. 

Transform your data into actionable insights.

MuleSoft then fuses these data sources and AI models to automate productivity across your organization and accelerate outcomes. With MuleSoft's help, your team can more quickly carry out order fulfillment, scheduling, invoicing, customer support, and refunds. 

Our team at Blueprint Advisory will show you how to connect your systems and turn your data into action as you optimize workflows and track successful outcomes across projects, teams, and throughout your entire organization.

Sales & Service Cloud

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Rethink the way you deliver customer success. Built on the world's #1 CRM platform, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud harness AI technology to transform how service teams keep up with demand across every customer touchpoint.

Deliver 360-degree customer service.

Deflect your caseload and maximize service efficiency with Salesforce's robust customer support capabilities. With Service Cloud, teams can increase efficiency by empowering their customers to solve issues on their own schedule. Meanwhile, Salesforce's digital engagement ensures every customer enjoys a personalized self-service experience. 

Plus, with Service Cloud features like Voice and Virtual Remote Assistance, when your customers do need help, they can resolve issues quickly while you minimize your overhead costs. 

Close deals faster with robust revenue intelligence at your fingertips.

Sales Cloud, fueled by AI, automates your CRM updates, centralizes data, and produces advanced analytics to equip your sales teams with the information they need to close deals faster. Additionally, with insights from Data Cloud and Tableau, your teams can begin to make forecasts based on your current pipeline activity. 

We'll help you break down the numbers and turn metrics into measurable results. Keep the positive momentum going with Salesforce's revenue lifecycle management, sales performance management, and partner relationship management, which hold you and your sales teams accountable to your big-picture goals.