Connect with Customers, Employees, & Partners

Salesforce created the Community Cloud to help businesses connect in a more meaninful and streamlined way with their customers, employees, partners, and beyond. Communication is key to providing better service, increasing productivity, and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Blueprint Advisory has the expertise to help leverage this platform to help your company create a social environment that facilitates customer service needs, offers self-service tools, and provides valueable data. 


As a Salesforce partner, we're up-to-date with the latest additions like Lightning Builder, key integrations like Googe Drive, and targeted recommendations for members – ensuring you're never going to miss an important new feature. Our team's experience means we'll deliver enterprise-level social collaboration tools.


Get Social with Your Business

We connect your website, social channels, and Salesforce org with your community to bring synergy between all your points of contact. This ensures your marketing messages and content strategy are consistent on all channels, seamlessly integrated, and provide your users a perfect mobile experience.

Manage Your Brand's Reputation

Your brand's integrity matters. Our team works to ensure the secure community environment reflects your brand and represents you in the right way. Your community offers you the opportunity to speak with customers and staff in a consistent way, and allows them a means of voicing their opinions on a range of topics and/or concerns.