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Our Culture

Headquartered in Austin, TX, and with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Jaipur, Blueprint Advisory was created with a single goal in mind: to be the partner we wish we had on our own product journey.

To accomplish this, we've made a commitment to full transparency and communication with both our clients and our team members.

In the work we do, that means setting realistic expectations, scoping projects correctly and finishing them on time.  It means that we focus not on billable hours but on firmly understanding project milestones and executing them the right way - and communicating effectively throughout the entire process.

Inside the company, transparency allows everyone to know what is going on with the business as we move forward and grow as an organization.  And through open communication, we are able to foster a culture of company-wide collaboration and encourage team members to have a voice - because we know the best ideas often come from those closest to the pain points we are solving.


We are a group of passionate and dedicate people who understand the importance of continuous training and improvement.  To encourage this, we offer job rotations to give the team members experience in various aspects of the work we do.  This not only helps maximize each person's potential within the organization but creates opportunities for them to grow into the professionals they want to be.

A Sense of Community

At Blueprint, we're big believers in building not just a successful business,  but a tight-knit community.  Whether we are catering a meal for a lunch-and-learn, dropping "zorbs" on the lawn and battling it out, or going on a sailing expedition, our time spent together is about doing great work, and really getting to know each other as we all move toward a common goal.

Blueprint Cares

But our commitment to building a thriving community doesn't stop at the door. We have joined the Pledge 1% movement, founded and spearheaded in part by Salesforce, to give 1% of our time, product and profit back to the community.  It's this long-term commitment to making a difference - for our clients, for our team members, and for the world at large - that makes joining Blueprint feel connected to something more.  And for us, that's everything.

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